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Worse Before Better

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Our financial markets update to clients (September 10, 2008):

The usual caveats apply. Everyone’s financial situation differs. Consult your own advisor or do your own research. We have been wrong before.


Shocking VP picks, Russian invasions and now a government takeover of Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC)… the news just won’t stop coming.

Our overall view has not changed. The US will have to suffer through a few unpleasant years before the housing market normalizes, financial institutions can get back to business and our economy can get moving again. It will get worse before it gets better. At the end of the day, the financial sector should be smaller and more efficient which would be a positive thing. People will start saving money and that will be a positive thing.

Asset classes around the world have taken a beating lately. The rumors are that many hedge funds have had to liquidate large positions. While this is ugly for current holdings, most of you hold a lot of cash and we have identified a number of compelling investments.

Items of note from the government takeover of FNMA and FHLMC:

Mortgage rates will probably go down. The government is doing a lot of things to get rates down, many of which will eventually cost us all as taxpayers and mean much higher mortgage rates in the future. But in the meantime… there should be some deals available.

Future tax rates will be even higher than we have been assuming. This bailout will cost a lot. If you can contribute to a Roth IRA, you should seriously consider doing so.

This is not the final restructuring. The current specifics of the FNMA / FHLMC deal have the mortgage giants being responsible for something like 90% of all new mortgages over next year or two and then virtually ceasing issuance after that. The concept is that offering really, really low rates on mortgages over the next 18 months will stabilize the situation enough that the government can just leave. Methinks this is not very realistic. Who on earth will step up to fill the void? Homeowners and banks will be dependent on the US taxpayer for years to come. There are some eerie parallels to the Iraq war…

Debt issued by FNMA and FHLMC is money good. Many of you hold shares in your 401(k)s in the Pimco Total Return fund, which had gone “all in” on a bet that the government would do a bail out. It turned out to be a good bet.

In other news:

Washington Mutual (WaMu) got officially placed on super secret probation by its regulators. This is not a good sign. They are offering desperation-level high rates on CDs. This is not a good sign. We have sent out previous warnings about this bank. You should not have more than the FDIC minimum at WaMu. Your family and friends should not either.

Don’t shoot the messengers-

Elizabeth and Jessica

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