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Network Appliance

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We recently published an article about Network Appliance (NTAP) available at Our investment thesis was that a classic growth stock became a cash machine and no one noticed (except us and company management).

Disclaimer: We are not single stock pickers, we generally do not use single stocks in our client portfolios and we use only very public information as the basis of any analysis. We are not offering buy or sell recommendations and you should not interpret any article as such. We are generally commenting on some metric of a company’s business. Stock prices and company fundamentals sometimes go in tandem, sometimes not. For example, a stock price often already reflects expectations of changes in fundamentals.

So why do we bother with single company commentary?

  • Dissecting the individual players within the economy offers insights into broader trends.
  • Many of our clients have significant concentrated stock holdings that necessitate analysis and sometimes what we learn is worth sharing.
  • It also is fun, if you like making financial diagnoses from incomplete financial information like a company’s 10-Q filings. Kinda like House, but a company’s health instead of a real person’s.

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