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Hacked – an update

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We are still not back in Google’s good graces and we are not sure why. A hobby site my husband runs,, was hacked in the same way. That site, as well as ours, was cleaned up last weekend and also asked for forgiveness from Google at the same time. The graph for the traffic from Google over time for Ashtanga News looks like the Grand Canyon – high and level, off a cliff for a month, then rising back to where it was. Our site on the otherhand, has only had a slight improvement. If you search for our name specifically you may eventually find us, but our home page  won’t show up.

If you search for “financial advisor Palo Alto”, you won’t find us unless you use Yahoo search, in which case we are the top  search result.

We have taken some more steps to help people who are trying to find us like implementing an Adwords campaign where we pay to advertise our own name as well as a few more generic terms like DFA advisor, investment advisor, and financial planner Palo Alto. This is helping a little bit but the whole thing is very frustrating.

This whole experience has led to some interesting conversations. People fall into two camps – “Google is evil” and “You can’t complain about a free service being taken away.”  I am personally in the middle. There is a highly symbiotic relationship between Google, the content providers (i.e. us) and readers. We all contribute something and we all get something. Creating content and webhosting are not free. High speed internet access is not free. Running a giant search engine is not free. It is in all our interest to keep the web spam free and to help legitimate businesses reach customers and vice versa on a consistent basis.

Elizabeth Alexis/ Jessica Palmer

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